When did the 12 Tribes of Israel become Jewish

Dear fellow Christians...

You may be shocked by what you are about to read, but before you have finished reading this, you will know the truth for the first time about todays people who are being called Israel.

According to the Bible Israel was not Jewish! In fact Jesus never used the word "Jew" to describe Himself not one time in the New Testament.

The first time the word Jew is mentioned in the modern translation of the Bible is 2nd Kings 16:6, where we find Israel was at war with the "Jews" a mistranslation that should read [the men of Judah], and Israel drave the "Jews" from Elath.

Jesus said to Nathanael in John 1:47 "Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!" Jesus did not call Nathanael a Jew! James the Brother of Christ writes, James 1:1 "James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting." James did not say to the 12 Tribes of Jews scattered abroad!

It is the modern day Christian who by mistranslations have turned Gods Holy book we call the Bible into a Jewish book. The Bible was not compiled into a book untill 185 A.D. by Irenaeus. The Greeks and Romans did not have the letter [ J ] in there alphabets and it was not added for more than nearly 1700 years by the English. When the Bible was first translated into English the Words Edom and Edomite as well as anyone who lived in Judaea had been already been mistranslated by the Romans and Greeks into IEVE or IEWE. It was not untill much later after being translated into the English that the Letter [ J ] was added in after the late 1800's.

Yes this is hard for most Christians to conceive, but never the less there were no Israelite or Hebrew "Jews" the word Jew means Judaean or person from Judaea and not Israelite or Hebrew and not a person or member of the tribe of Judah.

Why should this martter? Each time a Christian bolsters the Jewish bible idea, they in turn help to lend credences to the idea that the Edomite and Hitites who lived in Jerusalem in Jesus time were Israelites.

Jesus Christ Himself by the hand of Rome distroyed all Jerusalem and the "Iewes" Judaeans in 70 AD freeing Israel from the Law of Moses and the Old Covenant and having worshiping in Herod the Great's FALSE temple in Jerusalem. Herod the Great King of the "Jews" was a Edomite who had been placed into power in Jerusalem and over all it's inhabitancies by the Romans, not by the tribes of Israel. This fact is unknown to most modern day Christians, who do not read history but only listen to TV and Radio Preachers who care little of anything other than making money preaching feel good liberal sermons and not Bible scripture.

To day the Khazar-Ashkenaziam people make up over 96% of "Jews", they are not Israel of the Bible either, but only a religious cult who under their Kings Bulan and Obadiah in the 8th century were forced under penalty of death to excepted Judaism as a religion. The Khazars-Ashkenaziam peoples language is Yidish and not Hebrew. These people sense 1948 have controlled a country they have mis-named Israel in Palestine and now believed themseleves to be a Chosen People Israel of the Bible but they are gentiles as they state clearly in the Jewish Encyclopedia. This is the reason they refer to themseleves as Israeli and not Israelites or Hebrews but only Jews.

The Khazars-Ashkenaziam Jewish are preparing to building a Temple in Jerusalem soon, and to also begin to sacrifice. This is not their a second temple, it will be their first because they never had a first one. Many Christians may be willing to sell all that they have to go see this temple in Israel, a country that never existed in Jesus time. These Christians unaware of who the Khazar-Jews are may be also willing to offer sacrifices of burnt and blood offerings. If they do, they will be rejecting all that jesus Christ has done for them with the shedding of His own blood.

It it time we Christians stop helping to perpetuate this great hoax, that the Khazar-Jews are Israel and start using the words Israelite-Hebrew and not Jew when reading the Bible and teaching our children Bible history.

If you have any doubts about the truth in the above statement please look in any encyclopedia or dictionary under the words Khazar-Chazar and Ashkenaziam, where you will cleary see that these people are the Gentiles, who descend from Noah's son Japheth and not Shem. They are not the semites who made up the 12 tribes of Israel in the Bible. They are infact Magog see Genesis 10:2
in the Bible and were never part of Gods first covenant with the people of Israel.

Visit the Jewish Historical site  http://khazaria.com  for more history of the Khazars.
Written by Charles Murray      http://lostsheep.faithweb.com