The Roman numeral or "mark" of the Beast in the Bible as it was written was DCLXVI not 666 as we see in the English version!

Nero's initials are the equivalent to the Roman numeral use in the original language of the Bible. Take the fist letter from each his name and you see they add up to 666 or DCLXVI

[D] Drusus,[C] Claudius [L] Livius, etc. Nero had many names other than Nero from his adopton and his royal family names.

Nero, ( Nero Claudius Caesar), A.D. 3768, Roman emperor ( A.D. 5468), the son of Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus and Agrippina II, who was the great-grandaughter of AUGUSTUS. Agrippina married ( A.D. 49) CLAUDIUS I and persuaded him to adopt Nero. In A.D. 55, Agrippina saw that she was losing control of Nero and intrigued in favor of Claudius' son, Britannicus, but Nero poisoned the boy. Poppaea Sabina became Nero's mistress, and according to rumor she was to blame for the worst of his behavior. In A.D. 59 he murdered his mother and in A.D. 62 his wife Octavia; he later married Poppaea. When half of Rome was burned in a fire ( A.D. 64), Nero accused the Christians of starting it and began the first Roman persecution. In A.D. 65 there was a plot to make Caius Calpurnius Piso emperor. The detection of this plot began a string of violent deaths, e.g., of Seneca, Lucan, and Thrasea Paetus. Nero had ambitions to be a poet and artist. Revolts in A.D. 68 caused him to commit suicide. Among his last words were, "What an artist the world is losing in me!"

--- NOTE: Nero was the second Roman emperor to have himself declared a living god and passed laws that he should he worshiped as such and anyone who would not worship him was put to death! ---

Caligula, A.D. 1241, Roman emperor ( A.D. 3741), son of Germanicus Caesar and Agrippina I. His real name was Caius Caesar Germanicus; as a small child he wore military boots, whence his nickname caligula = little boots. On the death of TIBERIUS the army helped make Caligula emperor. Shortly after- ward he became severely ill; it is widely believed that he was thereafter insane. He earned a reputation for ruthless and cruel autocracy. He was assassinated, and CLAUDIUS I succeeded to the throne. --- NOTE: Caligula was emperor of Rome 3 years 10 months and 12 days before he was murdered by his own men. He was also the first Roman emperor to declare himself a living god. ---

Claudius I, (Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus), 10 B.C. A.D. 54, Roman emperor ( A.D. 4154), son of Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus (see DRUSUS, family) and thus nephew of TIBERIUS. When CALIGULA was murdered ( A.D. 41), Claudius was proclaimed emperor by the PRAETORIANS. Despite suffering from a type of paralysis, he consolidated and renewed the empire. Claudius caused MESSALINA, his third wife, to be executed. He was in turn supposedly poisoned by her successor, Agrippina II, after she had persuaded him to pass over his son Britannicus as heir in favor of NERO, her son by a former husband. Claudius was much reviled by his enemies; however, he seems to have had considerable administrative ability.

Drusus, Roman family of the gens Livius. An early distinguished member was Marcus Livius Drusus, d. 109? B.C., tribune of the people (122) with Caius Sempronius Gracchus (see GRACCHI). He successfully attacked Gracchus in the senate and became consul in 112. His son, Marcus Livius Drusus, d. 91 B.C., was also a leader of the senatorial party. By an increase in the franchise he won the support of the Romans and Italians, but the senate annulled Drusus' laws and brought on the Social War (9088 B.C.) between Rome and the Italians. Drusus was assass- inated. Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus, 389 B.C., was the stepson of AUGUSTUS and father of CLAUDIUS I. He ravaged Germany E and N of the Rhine, but failed to subdue the Germans permanently. He died in Germany. His brother was the emperor TIBERIUS. Tiberius' son, Drusus Caesar, d. A.D. 23, earned the jealousy of Sejanus, Tiberius' minister, who tried to turn Tiberius against his son. Drusus died, perhaps of poisoning by Sejanus or by his wife under Sejanus' influence.

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